Our story begins as a proverbial seed planted a decade ago after volunteering for an organization that helps people learn how to grow their own food in our hometown of Milwaukee. After completing a Food Leadership program in 2012 and a Permaculture Design Certification in 2013, it has been a passion of ours to grow food. Year after year our family’s garden grew as did the dreams we cultivated upon discovering the viable and simple solutions permaculture provides to people and to the planet. Since that time our hobby evolved into farmstead-ing and growing and propogating cold hardy, edible perennials. In 2018 our family bought a small farm in northern Wisconsin. In 2020 we established a non-profit organization aimed at strengthening the food system in northern Wisconsin and to share skill building opportunities related to growing food and self-sufficiency. We also established our first fruit and nut tree guild of hazelnuts, apple trees, choke berry, pink currant, gooseberry, and blackberry.


Our vision is to create and share experiences with anyone interested in learning about permaculture and to teach skills which empower groups and individuals to build and support resilient food systems within their communities. One of our objectives is to donate and plant community orchards throughout northern Wisconsin. The orchards will be planted in shared spaces where everyone can access the food.

Koz's Mini Farm is currently seeking support through any form in which you are able to give. We are seeking people to volunteer their time, and we are also seeking donations and monetary support from community stakeholders to help fund start-up projects. We are building a greenhouse in 2021 which will enable Koz's Mini Farm to establish space for a root stock nursery and to propagate fruit and nut trees for community orchards. The hoop house will also be used for education and outreach programming. Additionally, we need to build organizational infrastructure as well as purchase items such as gardening tools and supplies for orchard installs, educational programming supplies, and marketing materials. The short-term focus is to plant, grow, and share food and skill building with northern Wisconsin communities. The long-term vision is to build a resilient and robust food system within the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Thank you for your interest and support. We hope to hear from you!


Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

― Bill Mollison


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