Hoop House Funded on Kiva! 

Our startup project has been fully funded on Kiva in less than a week! During the initial phase we had a 15-day window to bring at least 10 lenders to support our campaign. We reached our goal in less than 48 hours!!!! After that, in less than a week, you helped us raise the remainder of the $6,000 through Kiva's crowd-backed 0% interest loan program. We are so incredibly grateful. Thank you so much for supporting our mission to increase food security through low-maintenance perennial-centered systems.

The hoop house will be used to establish a fruit and nut tree nursery. We will break ground next spring.

Thanks again for your support. We will be posting updates here as they come. 


Jim and Tammy

More about Kiva: Kiva is the first and largest micro-lending service in the world that has distributed $1 billion across 86 different countries, among 1.5 million small businesses. Recently, Kiva and Sofia Vergara announced a goal to raise $50mm to support businesses around the world affected by COVID-19.  


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