Farm Updates

Spring 2020 ~ We are looking forward to adding grazers soon, most likely goats. Eventually we would like to have a miniature cow (or two), but that's years out as first we need to build up healthy grazing grasses in our pasture fields.  For now we are excited to build our soil.


We would love a goat herd to clear weedy areas and remove alder bush, prolific on our pastures and wooded acreage. Alder, although invasive where we are, is a nitrogen fixer which we will also use to help build soil nutrients. 


Our longterm vision is to plant an orchard of fruit and nut trees. Meanwhile, our current focus is to continue building healthy soil by adding microbial nutrients and using other regenerative growing techniques. The family that owned the land for 40 years before us used sustainable, organic growing methods. Chemicals and pesticides have never been used here, thank goodness. The soil is already incredibly fertile and we feel very honored to steward this land. 


If you would like to join us on this journey please reach out and connect with us. We can always use extra hands around the farm.


Here are some resources we love:


The Independent Farmstead by Beth Dougherty and Shawn Dougherty


Global Natural Farming by Dr. Cho Han-kyu

Whole Systems Design - Permaculture and Resiliency Planning by Ben Falk

Justin Rhodes YouTube 

Without fertile soil, what is life?

—Vandana Shiva

Koz's Mini Farm Incorporated is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We look forward to sharing permaculture with our community. As we move forward with our vision and mission we will post updates here. 


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