1)  What is the name of your organization?
Koz’s Mini Farm


2)  Why does your organization exist?

We partner with community stakeholders through education and outreach  to collaborate on these objectives:

  • Increase food security

  • Build community resilience

  • Share skill building opportunities 

  • Promote sustainable food growing practices

  • Provide a model for a minimal impact lifestyle 


3)  What problem is your organization trying to solve?

Problem: How do we increase food security in northern Wisconsin?

Solution: Practice and teach Permaculture!


Plant food in community spaces!


4)  What are your organization's major programs and services?

  • Permaculture Education

  • Community Outreach

  • Conservation Resources


5)  What purpose do the programs serve?

  • Food Sovereignty and Security 

  • Public Health

  • Skill Sharing

  • Community Resiliency

  • Create pollinator habitats

  • Foster a connection to the land

  • Connect students to nature

  • Planet Preservation


6)  What does your organization do on an average day?
Farm and garden/Grow food/Education/Outreach


7)  What numerical or statistical goals are you trying to reach in 1-5 years?

1 year - Build Hoop House (will also serve as a classroom space); Host Community Potluck; 

2 years - Propagate/Establish Rootstock Nursery; Launch Volunteer and Outreach Programs; Fundraising Goal $1,000; Annual Farm Potluck

3 years - Plant 1st Community Orchard; Fundraising Goal $2,000; Host Summer Education Series Program; Annual Farm Potluck

4 years - Plant 2 Community Orchards; Fundraising Goal $3,000; Implement Food Security Leadership Program; Annual Farm Potluck

5 years - Plant 3 Community Orchards; Fundraising Goal $4,000; Annual Farm Potluck


Our long-term goal is to continually promote food security within northern Wisconsin. 


8)  What numerical or statistical goals are you trying to reach in 100 years?
Establish 50 publicly accessible hardy perennial food systems in northwoods communities.


9)  Who or what does your work serve?

  • Community Members

  • Environment

  • Food System

  • Future Generations

  • Farmers-in-Training

  • Youth/Schools/Organizations

  • Sustainability/Climate Change

10) Why are you working for this cause?

We are passionate about taking action towards establishing a resilient and secure food system


11) What is your Vision Statement?

Koz's Mini Farm practices and promotes permaculture principles and engages community members in building a resilient food system in northern Wisconsin communities. 


12) What is your current Mission Statement?

Koz’s Mini Farm promotes food-security within northern Wisconsin by providing education, outreach, and access to perennial food systems.


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