Our story begins as a proverbial seed planted in Milwaukee in 2011. After attending a community potluck at the Urban Ecology Center, hosted by Victory Garden Initiative ("Move Grass, Grow Food!"), we embarked on an adventurous journey of learning all things permaculture and meeting some wonderful humans to boot.


Year after year our garden grew bigger, as did the dreams we cultivated upon discovering "permie life." Our persistence, hard work, and daydreaming paid off. After years of planning, preparing, and searching throughout northern Minnesota, Michigan's U.P., and the Badger State's Driftless Region, we found our dream property in north central Wisconsin near the communities of Tomahawk and Merrill in Lincoln County. In 2018 Koz's Mini Farm was born when we moved our family up north and started building our farm. In 2020 we registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

Slowly our dream metamorphosed into reality. Little did we know that attending a community event and acquiring a passion for gardening would subsequently change our lives forever in deeply impactful and profound ways. You never know how things are going to turn out. We feel beyond blessed and incredibly excited to share this journey. Our hope is to inspire a community of learners, conservation, research, education, and outreach here at Koz's Mini Farm in the picturesque setting of the beautiful Wisconsin Northwoods.


We have so many ideas and projects and plans and goals to accomplish. Our vision is to plant a perennial food forest and welcome our community in to be part of of this journey with us and learn about permaculture. We love to learn about and experiment with regenerative,  sustainable farming and gardening practices such as agroforestry, Korean Natural Farming, silvopasture, and any other viable ways of working with earth's natural systems. 

If you share our passion and awe for earth's bounty or just want to hear about our farm adventures, please join us. We would love it if you subscribed below to hear about events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, and the latest happenings at Koz's.


Thanks for being a part of our community.


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